William Shakespeare

A Montblanc Writer’s Edition Shakespeare fountain pen crafted in black and white precious resin with a gold-plated clip and fittings. The nib is handcrafted in 18K gold. This pen features elements of William Shakespear’s marvelous work. The color-scheme represents the flags that were raised above the Globe Theatre, while the engraving on the body of the pen is reminiscent of quill pen with which he penned his famous plays. The clip features a gold ring, representative of the gold earring Shakespeare wore in his Chandos portrait. Nib Size: Fine. Pison Fill.

Year of Issue: 2016
Fountain Pens: 9,000*
Ballpoint Pens: 12,000
Rollerball Pens: 7,000
3-piece Sets: 1,600

* Includes pieces in 3-piece sets