Montblanc Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Dostoevsky is my favorite ‘under dog’ of the entire Writers Series. What’s going against it – relatively less familiar writer and a very conservative look. What’s going for it – actually a very tasteful design in my opinion but it is a pen you have to get close up to to appreciate the details of the seemingly simple design including the neat crosshatch pattern etched in the black resin body. The rollerball is pen a must-have since it is the only rollerball released in the Writers Series and there is even a 4-piece set, also the only one in the Writers Series!

Year of Issue: 1997
Fountain Pens: 17,000*
Rollerball pens: 7,000*
Ballpoint Pens: 8,000*
Pencils: 3,000*
3-pc Sets: ?
4-pc Sets: 700

* Includes pieces in 3-piece sets